Easy Make Heat Transfer Paper
Easy Make Heat Transfer Paper
Easy Make Heat Transfer Paper
Easy Make Heat Transfer Paper
Easy Make Heat Transfer Paper

Easy Make Heat Transfer Paper

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The Easy Make Heat Transfer Paper is fun and easy for you to customize your favorite clothes. It is so easy to use, just need iron and your creative mind! Print out any pattern with a Printer and iron onto the apparel. 

Want to have your one-and-only t-shirt, cushions or hoodie customized just for you, family members or friends? Let's get these and try it at home now!  

    • Long-lasting Images: The transferred image is durable and long-lasting that will not come off easily. 
    • High Quality Paper Sheet: The heat transfer paper is quality-made which is durable and transfer images perfectly and beautifully. 
    • Perfect On Cotton Fabrics: It can be applied on any cotton fabrics items.
    • Customize Your Own: It is free for you to create and print out own images with your creative mind on any apparel like t-shirts, hoodies or cushion at home, etc. 



    1. The suggestion for setting up the printer "photo quality inkjet paper" model for best picture quality printing effect.

    2. Select the color of the print design, size, please set up a mirror to print, print the pattern on the thermal transfer paper
    The correct use of the face (print). Our transfer paper on ink does not have any requirements, you can use any brand
    The ordinary dye ink, pigment ink, etc. But with pyrograph ink (paint ink), best can be waterproof.
    3. After printing transfer paper is dry, cut out the image, you need to design around edges with at least 0.2 inches.

    Hot stamping transfer

    1. The fabric pressure level, the need for hot stamping will be placed on the thermal transfer paper print and face down to the position of hot stamping.
    2. Please set the transfer temperature about 180 degrees, pyrograph machine stamping time to 25 seconds, will transfer paper printing surface and clothing. Anastomosis after placed under the pressure plate.
    3. Such as iron, please warm up to the highest setting temperature (about 2 to 3 minutes), do not use the steam function.
    Slow down, when hot stamping to iron to every corner and edge

    • Material: Heat Transfer Paper
    • Size: A4 
    • 1 x Heat Transfer Paper

    Due to high demand and COVID restrictions, please allow up to 1-3 weeks for final delivery.