Gray Hair Dye Cream
Gray Hair Dye Cream
Gray Hair Dye Cream
Gray Hair Dye Cream

Gray Hair Dye Cream

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šŸ’ƒGo Classy With Sophisticated Silver Locks!

Dyeing your hair is a big commitment, and itā€™s even harder with so many colors to choose from.Ā If youā€™re looking for a classy look thatā€™s equally stunning, then theĀ Gray Hair Dye CreamĀ is the perfect fit for you! Pure sophistication in a bottle, itā€™llĀ color your hair in glamorous silver hues.

ItsĀ hair-nourishing ingredientsĀ keep your hair silky soft and lustrous, and leaves aĀ protective coatĀ that seals in the formula into aĀ permanent color.


  • Sophisticated SilverĀ - A stunning touch of class, this hair dye will color your hair a pure, sophisticated silver.
  • Protective CoatĀ - Its special formula leaves a protective coat to seal in the color and keep your hair strong and lustrous.
  • Hair-nourishingĀ - A dye that cares for your hair, its nourishing ingredients keeps hair moisturized and silky soft. No need to worry about dried out hair like with other dyes.
  • Different ShadesĀ - From silvery gunmetal blue to pure stardust silver, this dye comes in different silvery shades to match the exact look you want.
  • Long-lastingĀ - Those silvery locks are here to stay. This hair dye is permanent with only minimal fading from washing.
  • Easy to UseĀ - For the best experience and your convenience, the dye is premixed and comes with detailed instructions for the perfect color.


  • Weight: 100 mlĀ 

Product Includes:

  • 1 x Gray Hair Dye Cream

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