Grill Daddy Steam Brush
Grill Daddy Steam Brush

Grill Daddy Steam Brush

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EASILY CLEAN UP GRILL GUNK — Every griller’s favorite grill brush. Sterilize your grill easily with this Grill Steam Brush to prepare healthier and tastier food. Remove charcoal gunk, meat residue, and burnt pieces without damaging your grill grates.

STEAM POWERED — 100% natural cleaning is done easily with steam water, without chemicals, effortlessly removing baked-on food and gunk

ERGONOMIC GRIP — Easy to Grip long handle keeps hand away from the heat, and comes with a convenient hanging hook.

EASY TO WASH — Dishwasher Safe durable stainless steel brush heads built to last. 

GREAT GIFT — Grill Daddy makes for the perfect Father's Day or holiday gift or for anyone that loves to grill outdoors.


  1. Preheat the grill
  2. Fill with water (water valve should be in the off position while filling)
  3. Turn on the water valve and brush away caked on food residue and grease


Does the brush clean stainless steel grill grates?

Yes, it will clean all types of grill grates effectively including stainless steel, enameled steel and cast iron.

What are the bristles made of?

Stainless steel bristles that will last a lifetime.

Will the stainless steel bristles loosen and come out on the grill?

Due to its unique design, the bristles will not come off even when hard scrubbing.

How do I wash the brush?

Rinse under hot water for a few minutes. For tougher gunk & grease, drizzle dishing washing liquid and rinse under hot water.

Is this safe to use when the grill is still hot?

Yes, it's easier to clean when the grill is hot.


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