HD Vision™ Day & Night Visor
HD Vision™ Day & Night Visor

HD Vision™ Day & Night Visor

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SAFE AND GLARE-FREE DRIVE — Drive with better vision, protected from the glaring sun and headlights. Anti-glare, filter car lights and UV rays, offer you better visibility while driving, protects your eyes and improves safety.

UV SUN PROTECTION — Gives protection to the user or people in the front seat who are more vulnerable to sun rays. Having this visor safeguards your eyes while driving. Plus! It has night anti-glare for more concentration on driving and at night.

ADJUSTABLE ROTATION — My HD Visor (TM) is equipped with rotating hinges for adjustable dimming brightness.

INSTALLS IN SECONDS — Simply clamp it onto any standard car visor. Universal design allows it to be installed on any car within seconds.


Due to high demand and COVID restrictions, please allow up to 1-3 weeks for final delivery.