Hot Ironing Ruler
Hot Ironing Ruler

Hot Ironing Ruler

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Accurately measure, mark and press all at the same time and with one tool

  • ❓ Ever try to make a perfect 45° mitered corner? No problem. Just measure to the desired depth at the desired point, fold your fabric along the miter line and press.
  • ✅ How about pressing a curve, say to make a patch pocket. Again, no problem. Just gather your fabric around the curved portion of the Hot Ironing Ruler and press. Remove excess fabric and attach it to your garment.


    • Heat resistant – Ironing over a metal gauge can make it too hot to touch and it can actually get hot enough to damage the delicate fabric. Hot Ironing Ruler with a special non-slip surface that helps hold the fabric in place for the best, most precise results. 
    • High accuracy – The measuring marks on the Hot Ironing Ruler are very accurate and include straight edges, a curved corner, a true 45˚ diagonal for mitering, and ⅛” divisions. The most common ¼”, ½” and ¾” measurements are highlighted. 
    • Multipurpose – Ideal for any craft, tablecloths, blanket, quilt, curtains, and more. It can be used anywhere easily even on rough, uneven, and curved surfaces.
    • Saves time – We don’t have to measure and mark hems, pin hems, iron around pins and then remove pins. And it’s perfect every time so no “do-overs”.
    • Wide application: You can use the Hot Ironing Ruler with either a dry or steam iron, and it will withstand temperatures up to 428˚F (220˚C). 


    • Item Type: Flexible Ruler
    • Material: Resin
    • Size: 20 x 10cm / 7.87 x0.39in
    • Thickness: 0.35mm


    • 1 x Hot Ironing Ruler 

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