NeckZen Pro Pain Relief Massager
NeckZen Pro Pain Relief Massager

NeckZen Pro Pain Relief Massager

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NeckZen Pro helps promote better alignment and circulation by targeting and relieving the pressure points in and around your neck.

It not only relaxes your cervical muscles, but also relieves muscle knots and tension, improve blood circulation, and stops one of the causes of unnecessary headaches by alleviating neck pain at its source.

NeckZen Pro was designed for optimal comfort and ease of use. Not only does it work to give you a deep tissue massage, but it is also designed so you can use it comfortably lying down or seated in any position.

You won't need a bulky, overpriced massage chair to get all the benefits of a neck massage. It easily fits into any bag, anywhere you choose to take it:

✅ At work
✅ For leisure
✅ At the gym
✅ While traveling (long time on bus, train or airplane)
✅ While studying
✅ Anywhere you choose!

• Infrared Heat. This mode allows infrared heat to penetrate deep into your neck muscle tissue for a deeply satisfying experience that promotes circulation and blood flow.
• Ultrasound Vibration. This mode uses high-frequency vibration to massage and loosen up muscle tissue.
• Electrode Massage. This device comes with electrode pads so you can apply them to the specific areas you want to focus on for pain relief.


Due to high demand and COVID restrictions, please allow up to 1-3 weeks for final delivery.