Orthopedic Care Shoulder Brace
Orthopedic Care Shoulder Brace
Orthopedic Care Shoulder Brace
Orthopedic Care Shoulder Brace
Orthopedic Care Shoulder Brace
Orthopedic Care Shoulder Brace

Orthopedic Care Shoulder Brace

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Orthopedic Care Shoulder Brace
šŸ’ŖStabilizing Shoulder Brace for Injury PreventionšŸ’—


In and around the three shoulder joints are tendons, ligaments, and cartilage, all designed to stabilize and mobilize the shoulder to perform daily actions both large and small. Any injury or inflammation in any of these structures can lead to pain.

For some injuries, itā€™s vital to use a brace so your injury doesnā€™t worsen or heal improperly.Ā So whether you are male or female, athlete or not, having a shoulder braceĀ provide the support and stability your shoulder needs.

A shoulder brace uses includes:

  • Compressing the shoulder joint to reduce inflammation
  • Reducing shoulder instability to allow injuries to heal more quickly and in the right position
  • Keeping the shoulder elevated to improve blood flow and aid healing
  • Correcting postural habits that are leading to pain

Providing soothing, customizable compression. This shoulder supportĀ stabilizes the shoulderĀ to minimizeĀ unsafe movement, preventingĀ injuriesĀ and promotingĀ quicker recovery times.Ā 

This shoulder supportĀ relieves pain, swelling and inflammationĀ due to sprains and strains, shoulder dislocation, rotator cuff injuries, frozen shoulder and arthritis.

Arm Strap: Fits BicepsĀ circumferences 8ā€ up to 23ā€
Chest Strap: FitsĀ chest circumferences 27ā€ up to 50ā€Ā Ā 


  • COMFORTABLE LOW PROFILE DESIGN:Ā Suitable for both men and women, the shoulder brace has the left or right shoulder option as needed. The slim design can be worn under regular fit clothing for a discreet look or worn over undershirts and tees if desired.
  • QUIT SHOULDER PAIN:Ā Wear the arm brace and feel pain relief from common injuries like: Rotator cuff, Dislocated shoulder, AC joint injuries, Bursitis, Labrum Tear, Shoulder Pain, Sprain, Soreness, Tendinitis, Arthritis
  • BREATHABLE NEOPRENE BLEND: Constructed with a lightweight neoprene blend, the shoulder support retains therapeutic warmth while allowing excess heat to quickly escape. The breathable blend is also machine washable for easy cleaning.
  • BE ACTIVE: Orthopedic shoulder brace is not just a shoulder immobilizer and stabilizer brace! Itā€™s your new workout shoulder brace and your new sports shoulder wrap. Wear it to prevent re-injury and keep practicing the sports that you love!


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