Privacy Fence Plant Screen Expandable
Privacy Fence Plant Screen Expandable
Privacy Fence Plant Screen Expandable

Privacy Fence Plant Screen Expandable

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Privacy Fence Plant Screen was specifically designed to provide a solution to beautifully secure private space for your homes. The expandable premium wood and the artificial vines will give a much needed touch of greenery to your walls, gates or where ever needed!  

  • Super Easy to Install. Once taken out of the packaging the fence can be mounted on a wall with aid of nails or simply tie it to your fence with a ropes or zip-ties.
  • Use the expandable faux ivy trellis horizontally or vertically to beautifully blend with the natural landscaping and hide unwanted areas
  • Create your own cozy shack with intimate ambiance in your garden, expandable to provide an Instant privacy fence screen covered with faux ivy leaves, flexible, expands or contracts to your desired dimensions and privacy

Who said creating a Green infused home was tedious and time consuming?

✅  The Floral Fence is an easy do-it-yourself panel. Install and fasten to any proper structure in your choice of establishment. The wooden frame/chain link fence can mount easily. 

✅  No maintenance, no watering, no trimming, and easy to clean with water. More importantly no rodents nest and no insect infestations. Get all the benefits of beautiful lush garden with little to no effort


    ✅  Fabricated with premium willow wood, the artificial green vines on the top are synthetically tied. Giving your garden a realistic and natural ambiance that’s full of vitality 

    ✅  Highly versatile! Can be used as a shopping mall decoration, KTV bars, restaurants, parks and other places for holiday activities with green vines, which is an excellent view.

    ✅  Anti Discoloration. The leaves won't fade over time. Produced with 100% pure virgin and non-recycled polyethylene materials. Additionally, it is finished with commercial standard UV stabilization, which is the crucial to maintain the the forever green look.  

    Artificial Garden Plant Fence

    ✅  The wooden stakes are driven into the soil, and the fences can be fixed with tie or wire. Simply arrange them to make your garden look different


      ✅  The Fence provides a  95% high density blockage giving you the privacy you want. Blocks up to 90% of UV rays, it also allows the air to go through freely.


        Due to high demand and COVID restrictions, please allow up to 1-3 weeks for final delivery.