Ultra Hold Wig Tape (36 pcs)
Ultra Hold Wig Tape (36 pcs)
Ultra Hold Wig Tape (36 pcs)
Ultra Hold Wig Tape (36 pcs)
Ultra Hold Wig Tape (36 pcs)
Ultra Hold Wig Tape (36 pcs)

Ultra Hold Wig Tape (36 pcs)

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Don't be afraid of wig falling off during windy days or accidentally getting snatched by friends at parties! This Ultra Hold Wig Tape makes sure that it stays on no matter what.
Dance, play sports, or drive around town against the wind on a convertible. No matter what the occasion, the tape secures it in place, allowing people to continue thinking it's all-natural!
It's perfect for pool parties and active photoshoots. This double-sided tape is a great introduction to wig adhesives for newbies who want to feel confident their wig is secure without the fuss of drying.



✔ Powerful Adhesive: Flexible 'fingerprint' technology makes it adhere strongly to the skin and is perfect for lace base materials.
✔ Discreet & Invisible: It's clear, double-sided, no irritation, and super comfortable on the skin with the wig on. Look good wearing any style of wig without any worries!
✔ Waterproof & Sweatproof: Swim, take a bath, or even sleep with the wig. It can hold up to 6 weeks!
✔ Easy to Use: Much more reliable and mess-free than using wig glue. Simply put the tape on the hairline and stick the lace base firmly.
✔ Versatile Shape: Feel free to use it on the front hairline, the sides, the back, or wherever to get that consistent strong hold.


Hold time: Up to 6 Weeks
Size: 2.2 cm x 7.6 cm (2 points)


1 pack x Ultra Hold Wig Tape (36 pcs)


Due to high demand and COVID restrictions, please allow up to 1-3 weeks for final delivery.