Ultra-Slim Carbon Fiber Credit Card Holder

Ultra-Slim Carbon Fiber Credit Card Holder

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STAY PROTECTED — Keeps your private credit and banking information safe from RFID theft. If your cards have RFID chips then it is a necessity to protect them. Our wallet uses Aircraft Grade Aluminum on the inside to reflect any incoming signals to guarantee your information safety.

MODERN DESIGN — Excellent craftsmanship doesn't need to compromise style. Take a step in the future and experience solid luxury and great craftsmanship.

MINIMALIST LIFESTYLE — Serves your demands precisely, nothing less. Minimalism perfects your needs, say goodbye to that old bulky wallet. Holds everything you need efficiently without taking up unnecessary space.

QUALITY FOR LIFE — Built to last a lifetime, enjoy the premium look & quality of real Carbon Fiber. You will never need to worry about it breaking or losing its form as it's designed to endure for ages.

Due to high demand and COVID restrictions, please allow up to 1-3 weeks for final delivery.